Audio Mixing Engineer Online

Online Mixing Engineer Stef Hambrook

Welcome to the modern approach to audio work: Online mixing and mastering.
Now that you have your tracks recorded you need a professional mix engineer to make your music sing through the speakers.
I established Toybox Studios in Bristol UK with Ali Chant.
I now work from both my own purpose-built studio and the evolution of Toybox which is here.
I offer mixing and session drumming online at very reasonable rates.
Have a listen to my portfolio. Then if you like what you hear do get in touch and hopefully we can work together.

Audio Mixing


Firstly send me your audio (all files starting at zero).

Song Mixing Online


Then I’ll mix your songs track by track in my purpose-built mix studio.

Audio Mixing Online


Live with the mix for a while. Then let me know any changes you’d like.

Music Prodution


Once you’re completely happy, I’ll send you the final 24 bit mixes.

“Great job! We’re really happy with how its sounding! Thanks for helping us through the EP and making it sound great.”
Josh Hawker – Artist Manager

Online Mixing Workflow

For new clients, I offer a free preview mix of your music in order to give an indication of quality and to calibrate our song mixing preferences.
My turnaround time for new online mixing projects is normally about a week or two.
I generally work on one track at a time so that we stay on the same page.
Working remotely I always save the mix in steps so that when we’re close to completion we don’t loose any elements that you like. To finalize mixes it’s sometimes helpful to work on zoom with the audio coming directly from my mix system to your speakers.
I will follow your vision and support your music in the most personal way.

Selected work

This was Blythe Pepino’s songwriting vehicle immediately following Bizali. We tracked pretty much everything live in order to keep the immediacy including lead vocal and piano.

Opening with sarengi that then falls into ambient guitar, this is Travelling, a track from Jonny Velon’s debut album, Goodness Flows which I co-produced with him.

Tara Baggins’ vocal hits the Toybox EMT plate reverb : ) Piano tracked via Mid-Side mics hence capturing the movement in tone. It’s set wide here in order to maximise the effect.

This project featuring the multifaceted songwriting of Megs Emrys was also the first to be recorded in my current mix space. I’m hence really happy with the sounds we’re making here.

An acoustic but rich track from Damir Yakubov’s first album. Included here because of the whispered double-tracked vocal and pitch effect guitar that bounces into echoes.

Elea Calvet’s voice was recorded here via a “Copperphone” mic designed by Mark Pirro from the Polyphonic Spree, then distorted via a Thermionic Culture Vulture

This is a track from Paul Butler’s album “Cities Made of Gold” also featuring the gorgeous playing of Tammy Rogers on fiddle who plays a stunningly out of range high note in the second verse.

This man is an enigma. My reaction when getting to know Damir in the studio was to be in record. All the time. Just in case we caught something unplanned and beautiful.

“Got them all downloaded – Sounds brilliant!  Many thanks for this – I’ll be sending these off to the label today.”

Paul Towler – Singer-Songwriter

“So we’ve listened to a bunch of masters and decided that we like yours best, so would love if you could master our 11 track album”

Bruno León Chávez – Vocalist

Tell me about your music

Available Outboard: Manley Vari-Mu • Manley Massive Passive tube EQ • Neve 1091 mic pre Eq channel x6 • API 550b EQ x2 • Great River ‘Harrison’ EQ32 x2 • Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB • Urei 1176 LN x2 • Teltronix LA-2A • Retro Instruments – STA Level • ADL Tube Limiter • Empirical Labs Distressor • Alan Smart C2 Stereo Bus Comp • DBX 160A x2 • Warm Audio WA76 (stereo linked) • Thermionic Culture Vulture • EMT 140 TS plate reverb • Vestafire Dual Spring Reverb • TL Audio C2021 Valve Comp • WEM ‘Copicat’ Tape Delay • Roland Space Echo RE 201
Monitoring: Adam A7 with Adam Sub 8 • Genelec 1029A • via Sonarworks Reference 4 for accuracy while audio mixing